This weekend I’m putting the £21.40 on there being one goal or more in the Sheffield United vs. Chelsea game.

I have also started a parallel £12.00 accumulator bet with a mate of mine (the £21.40 bet being shared 50/50 with my dad), and as regards this latter venture we’re plumping for Chelsea to win (£4.00) and for there to be one goal or more in the Arsenal vs. Everton game (£8.00).

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1 down… 49 to go!

22 October 2006

Hi.  I’m Matthew.

I’ll keep it short and sweet: I’m aiming to try and successfully place 50 short priced bets on English Premiership football games, with the stake and the returns rolling over each time.  This, I hope, will act as an accelerated form of compound interest – albeit it with the risk of losing the lot, which is itself part of the thrill.

My first bet came up this weekend when I put £20 on there being one goal or more in the Chelsea vs. Portsmouth game.  I won £1.40 (a 7% return) which, very simply, means I have £21.40 to wager next weekend.  I aim to make one bet with this money in every Premiership ’round’, with there being 38 rounds in total in a season.  As eight rounds have already passed, I will not make 50 bets this year, but it’s not a big deal as the entire concept is just a long-term bit of fun.

Incidentally, I also bet today that Arsenal would beat Reading, that there would be at least one goal in the game, and conversely that there would be less than 4.5 goals.  All three results came true (final score: 0-4 to the Gunners), so I made £1.85 profit on an £8 stake (a return of 23.12%).  Small, but a win is nevertheless a win.

Finally, I aim to post my predictions for the forthcoming week’s fixtures by Friday at the latest, lest anyone bothers to read this and thinks I am just making claims after the events have happened.

Until then…